Choosing The Right Type of Boiler For Your Home

At Get Your New Boiler, we focus on providing three different types of boiler: Combi, System and Conventional. We believe that these will meet pretty much all the different type of customer needs but how do you know for sure which one is right for you? In this short article we describe the key features of each to help you decide. If you need further help though then please give us a call on 0800 002 5511 and one of our experts would be happy to guide you through the process.

Combi boilers are highly efficient and compact, making them ideal for smaller homes. The name Combi, short for Combination, derives from these boilers’ ability to both heat water and also your home.

Combi boilers are great from an energy efficiency point of view as they only heat the water when you need it and you don’t have to wait as it heats up on demand (though bear in mind that if a Combi breaks down, you will have no hot water stored anywhere).

If you have a large house then a Combi boiler is likely not the right solution for you as you can’t run more than one shower, bath or hot tap at the same time with any sort of decent pressure.

Typically Combi boilers are smaller than other boilers and can often fit into a standard kitchen cupboard. Over half of domestic boiler installations each year in the UK are now Combi Boilers


You will need a hot water cylinder if you choose a System boiler as these directly heat your central heating and also produces hot water for your storage cylinder and you need to be able to store that water that has been heated.This is an advantage over a Combii in that you will have hot water stored in the event of a breakdown though the down side is that every time you want hot water, and what is in the tank has been used, you will need to wait for the tank to heat up.

System boilers are great for any size home, as long as you have space for a hot water cylinder, as they allow you to run a bath and a shower (or a kitchen hot tap) at the same time.


A Conventional, or regular, boiler system is made up of a number of parts including a boiler, heating controls, a hot water cylinder, a cold water storage cistern plus a feed and expansion cistern.

Due to the complexity of all the dfferent parts, we don’t tend to install these into new homes but they are often the best option to retain when replaimng a Regular boiler that is already in place as we don’t have to replace pipes etc.

With a Regular boiler, you can run multiple hot water taps at once without any drop in pressure at all. You can also install an electric immersion heater in the hot water tank so you have a back up source for heating water.

Obviously you need a lot more space in your home for a Regular boiler so these tend to be found in older, larger homes.

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